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First Ever Gig

05.06.1984; concert appearance

The first gig of the Pet Shop Boys in the Casino Ostende (Belgium). They performed "West End girls".

Mirano Club

14.09. 1984; concert appearance

The second appearance, this time in the Mirano Club in Brussels (Belgium).
Setlist: "One more chance"; "Opportunities"; "West End girls".

Barbarella's Club

15.09. 1984; concert appearance

One day later in the Barbarella's Club in Charleroi (Belgium) with the same Setlist as in the Mirano Club, Brussels.

The First Proper Live Gig

24.09. 1984; concert appearance

Performed live to backing tapes "One more chance"; "I get excited"; "Opportunities"; "Later tonight"; "West End girls"; "Rent" at the Fridge Club in Brixton (London) for many of their friends.

The Alternative Top Of The Pops

16.07. 1985; concert appearance

At Camden Palace, London they performed live to backing tapes "In the night" and a medley of "Opportunities".

Max Headroom Patronises The Arts (ICA, London)

06.08. 1985; concert appearance

Performed live with Blue Weaver on keyboards the following tracks: "I want a lover"; "Opportunities"; "West End girls". Chris was playing trombone on I want a lover. After the gig they were interviewed by Max Headroom on a screen.

The Emptiest Audience

28.09. 1985] concert appearance

In the Astoria in London.
Setlist: "Why don't we live together?" and "West End girls".

Heaven Nightclub

20/21.11. 1985; concert appearance

With the Astoria setlist at Heaven in London in front of 16 video screens showing a scratch video by Sophie Muller, with the Opportunities and West End girls videos put together.

Whistle Test

29.04. 1986; concert appearance

Live in the studio at White City, London for BBC TV's Whistle Test.
Songs played: "Opportunities" and "Later tonight".

MTV Awards

05.09. 1986; concert appearance

Live vocals over backing tapes with Ava Cherry on backing vocals performed "Love comes quickly" and "West End girls" at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles.

Live at Wogan

March 1988; TV appearance

Live at the Wogan show. Performed "Heart".

Before The Act

05.06. 1988; concert appearance

Live at the London Piccadilly Theatre with "One more chance" and "It's a sin".

Brit Awards (London)

1988; live appearance

Performed: "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" together with Dusty Springfield. That year boys won Best Brithish Band.


Summer 1989; concert tour

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04/05.08. 1990; concert appearance

Two dates with Electronic at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles before headline Depeche Mode. PSB performed on "The Patience Of A Saint" and "Getting Away With It".

The Arsenio Hall Show

05.11. 1990; concert appearance

With Dominik Clarke on keyboards at the Paramount Studios in Los Angeles performing "West End girls" and "So hard".

First Ever Live Performance in America

06.11. 1990; concert appearance (Mayan Club, Los Angeles)

One day later with Dominik again plus two backing singers and two dancers.
Setlist: "Left to my own devices"; "It's a sin"; "So hard"; "Paninaro"; "Opportunities"; "Occupy your mind"; "West End girls"; "Always on my mind".

Performance Tour (promoting Behaviour)

Spring 1991; concert tour

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The Tonight show

25.03. 1991; concert appearance

At the show they performed "Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)" together with all members from "Performance" tour. After performing the song Neil was interviewed. He spoke about new album "Behaviour" and present tour. Along with Pet Shop Boys in show were Jim Carrey and Johnny Carson.

Cities In The Park

August 1991; concert appearance

One date with Electronic for the "Cities In The Park" event at Heaton Park in Manchester. PSB performed on "The Patience Of A Saint" and "Getting Away With It".

Live At Heaven

15.10. 1991; concert appearance

A charity concert held at the Heaven nightclub in London.The concert was held after the premiere of Derek Jarmans' film, "Edward II", and all proceeds went to the AIDS research charity and trust, Saint Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London.
Setlist: Music For Boys; Where The Streets Have No Name; Domino Dancing; DJ Culture; So Hard; Was It Worth It; It's Alright; Being Boring


12.12. 1991; concert appearance

One date with Electronic at Wembley Hall in London.PSB performed on three tracks: The Patience Of A Saint; Disappointed; Getting Away With It.

Live at The Hacienda

13.05 1992; concert appearance

A performance at the Hacienda in Manchester, held to celebrate the club's 10th anniversary and an exhibition of Derek Jarman's work.First public performance of "Go West".Warfare between the Moss Side, Cheatham Hill, and Salford gangs inspired the performace of the new version of "Violence".Cicero opened.
Setlist: West End Girls; Rent; Being Boring; Love Comes Quickly; Violence; Paninaro; Kings Cross; Was It Worth It; Domino Dancing and Go West.

LifeBeat Concert

08.06. 1992; live appearance

Benefit concert for LifeBeat - The Music Industry Fights AIDS, at Roseland in NYC. PSB headlined "Rent" and "Where The Streets Have No Name".

Equality Show (London Palladium)

24.10. 1993; live appearance

Performed: "Can You Forgive Her?"; "To Speak Is A Sin"; "One In A Million/Mr. Vain"; "Go West".

Brit Awards (Earl’s Court, London)

14.02. 1994; live appearance

Performed: "Go West" dressed as miners, backed by a Welsh choir, an idea which they had originally conceived for the 1992 Royal Variety Show as a protest against a wave of coal pit closures.

Liberation Simulator

April 1994; video tour

The video for "Liberation" toured the UK as part of the "Liberation Simulator" -- an enclosed carnival ride that made you feel like you were part of the video.

6th: Coventry Precinct Cross
7-8th: Hanley Market Square Potteries Shopping Centre
9-10th: Manchester Picadilly Gardens
12th: London Soho
13-15th: London Museum Of The Moving Image
16th: Thurrock Lakeside Shopping Centre

Discovery Tour (promoting Very and Disco 2)

Fall 1994; concert tour

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Brit Awards (Earl’s Court, London)

19.02. 1996; live appearance

Performed: "Hello Spaceboy" with David Bowie.

Live at TFI Friday

01.11. 1996; live appearance

Performed: "Se A Vida E" and "Single-Bilingual".

Live Concert Of Suede (Roundhouse, London)

15.12. 1996; live appearance

Neil performed "Saturday Night" and "Rent" live on stage with Suede.

Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark)

27.06. 1997; concert appearance

The first festival appearance ever of the boys.
The setlist is as follows: It’s A Sin; I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing; Se A Vida E; Domino Dancing; Hello Spaceboy; Before; Left To My Own Devices; The Man Who Has Everything; Rent; Where The Streets Have No Name; Can You Forgive Her?; Love Comes Quickly; Opportunities; Always On My Mind; West End Girls; Somewhere; Being Boring; Go West.

Turku Festival (Turku, Finland)

29.06. 1997; concert appearance

The setlist is as follows: It’s A Sin; I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing; Se A Vida E; Domino Dancing; Hello Spaceboy; Before; Left To My Own Devices; The Man Who Has Everything; Rent; Where The Streets Have No Name; Can You Forgive Her?; Love Comes Quickly; Opportunities; Always On My Mind; West End Girls; Somewhere; Being Boring; Go West.

Gay Pride (Clapham, London)

05.07. 1997; live appearance

Performed: "Somewhere"; "It’s A Sin"; "Go West".

Water Festival (Stockholm, Sweden)

29.07. 1997; concert appearance

With the same setlist as for the Roskilde and Turku Festivals + "Always on my mind" a second time at the end of the appearance.

Live At The Savoy Theatre

June 5th thru 21st June 1997; concert appearance

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Stonewall (Royal Albert Hall, London)

26.10. 1997; live appearance

Performing new and unique songs on this live gig. Setlist: "Sixteen Going On Seventeen"; "Being Boring"; "Climb Every Mountain"; "Go West"; "It's Not Unusual".

Russian Tour 1998 (Moscow & St. Peterburg)

Feb 1998; concert appearance

28 Feb: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia
29 Feb: Utopia Nightclub, Moscow, Russia (different setlist)

2 Mar: October Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
3 Mar: October Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia

The boys doing a four-gig-mini-tour in Russia with one concert and one appearance in Moscow and two concerts in St. Petersburg. The Setlist for the first Moscow gig and that one for St. Petersburg was the same they performed on the festivals in Roskilde, Turku and Stockholm and only one the second evening in Moscow they done a shorter concert with the following setlist:
"It’s A Sin"; "Domino Dancing"; "Before"; "Where The Streets Have No Name"; "Believe/Song For Guy"; "Go West"; "West End Girls"; "Left To My Own Devices"; "It’s Not Unusual".

Party In The Park

03.07. 1999; concert appearance

Performed the following tracks: West End Girls; I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore; Go West.

Eclipse Concert (Cornwall)

11.08. 1999; concert appearance

Casting a shadow, which was written for the total eclipse on this day was played during the event on BBC Radio One's eclipse show.
Setlist: Casting A Shadow; I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore; Go West.

Comet Award

20.08. 1999; concert appearance

The boys performing "I don't know..." for winning the award of the best music video (IDK).

Creamfields Festival (Liverpool)

28.08. 1999; concert appearance

Another festival appearance (on stage along with boys there were Sylvia Mason-James and Les Child) with the following setlist: "Young Offender"; "Left To My Own Devices"; "Domino Dancing"; "I Don´t Know What You Want But I Can't Give It anymore"; "It´s A Sin/I Will Survive"; "The Man Who Has Everything"; "I Wouldn´t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing"; "Can You Forgive Her?"; "Before"; "West End Girls"; "Being Boring"; "New York City Boy"; "Go west".

Nightlife Tour (promoting Nightlife)

Authum/Winter 1999/2000; concert tour

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Equality Rocks (Washington D.C.)

29.04. 2000; concert appearance

A festival for gay rights....??
Setlist: Homosexuality (cover of a song from 'Modern Rocketry'); Being boring; What have I done to deserve this? (duett with Melissa Etheridge); New York City boy; Go west.

Summer Tour 2000

Summer 2000; concert tour

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Live at TFI Friday (Channel 4, UK)

22.12. 2000; live appearance

World exclusive of PSB performance Christmas song "It doesn't often snow at Christmas" for FINAL TFI Friday show. Elton John hosted this programme.

Brit Awards (Earl’s Court, London)

29.01. 2002; live appearance

Performed: "Home and dry".

University Tour

February 2002; concert tour

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BBC Radio 2 Recording

13.03. 2002; live appearance

An live recording for a later radio airing (06.04.2002) was set up in the BBC theatre, a 300 seat venue with many special guests, fans and competition winners, who were watching the show.
Setlist: "Being Boring"; "I Get Along"; "A Red Letter Day"; "Home And Dry"; "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk"; "Love Comes Quickly"; "London"; "Was It Worth It?"; "Birthday Boy"; "West End Girls"; "Love Is A Catastrophe". Encore: "Go West"; "New York City Boy". "Drunk" was cutted out on the radio broadcast for some reasons.

Bingo Lotto (TV Sweden)

23.03.2002; TV appearance

Setlist: "Home And Dry"; "Being Boring".

Regis and Kelly show

2002; TV appearance

Setlist: "Home And Dry".

Live at Jools Holland

10.04.2002; live appearance

An live appearance on the famous british TV show for a later airing.
Setlist: "Home And Dry"; "Being Boring"; "Love Is A Catastrophe"; "West End Girls".

Live at the Grunspan Club Hamburg/Germany

11.04. 2002; concert appearance

An concert appearance for the france/german TV channel ARTE TV (later broadcasted in TV) at the Grunspan Club in Hamburg/Germany and moderated by the MTV VJ legend Ray Cokes.
Setlist: "Being Boring"; "I Get Along"; "A Red Letter Day"; "Home And Dry"; "Love Comes Quickly"; "Drunk"; "London"; "Was It Worth It?"; "Birthday Boy"; "West End Girls"; "Love Is A Catastrophe"; "Go West"; "New York City Boy". Encore: "Philadelphia".

Live at the Harald Schmidt Show

12.04. 2002; live appearance

Live appearance in a famous german 'Letterman' TV show.
Setlist: "Home And Dry".

Live at Quelli Che Il Calcio

14.04. 2002; live appearance

Live appearance in a italian TV show on Rai 2.
Setlist: "Home And Dry".

Live on BBC 2 ReCovered (London, UK)

05.05. 2002; TV appearance

An live appearance in a british TV show.
Performed: "I Get Along"; "Philadelphia".

Live at Operación Triunfo (Madrid, Spain)

11.05. 2002; TV appearance

Live appearance in a spanish TV show on TVE.
Performed: "Home And Dry".

Graham Norton show (Channel 4)

2002; TV appearance

Live appearance in a english TV show.
Performed: "I Get Along".

Live at Was Passiert Wenn

2002; TV appearance

Live appearance in a german TV show.
Performed: "London".

Concierto Básico 40 (Madrid, Spain)

12.06. 2002; concert appearance

A live recording for radio and tv in Spain. An exclusive concert called "Concierto Básico 40" for 40 Principales radio and 40tv television. Live at Divino Aqualung disco in Madrid.
Setlist of 40 Principales radio broadcast recording (7 Jul 2002): "Home and dry"; "Being boring"; "A red letter day"; "I get along"; "Love comes quickly"; "London"; "New York City boy"; "Always on my mind"; "Sexy Notherner"; "Birthday boy"; "West End girls"; "Go West"; "It's a sin" (13 tracks along with bits of comments in spanish).
Setlist of 40tv television broadcast recording (7 Jul 2002 in C+ and 30 Aug 2002 in 40tv): "Home and dry"; "Being boring"; "A red letter day"; "I get along"; "Love comes quickly"¨; "London"; "You only tell you love me when you're drunk"; "New York City boy"; "Always on my mind"; "Sexy Notherner"; "Where the streets have no name"; "West End girls". Complete setlist was same as at the Sonar Festival on the Release tour.

Release Tour

Spring/Summer 2002; concert tour

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Rock'n'Coke Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)

07.09. 2003; live appearance

A live & open air concert for 50.000 turkish fans, who joined the festival
Setlist: "Home And Dry"; "Suburbia"; "Se A Vida E"; "Left To My Own Devices"; "Love Comes Quickly"; "Domino Dancing"; "New York City Boy"; "Always On My Mind"; "Sexy Northerner"; "Opportunities"; "Love Is A Catastrophe"; "Where The Streets Have No Name"; "West End Girls"; "Go West". Encore:"Being Boring"; "It's A Sin".

Live at the SWR 3 New Pop Festival (Rastatt, Germany)

20.09. 2003; live appearance

Live appearance and world exclusive premiere of the new song Miracles, which later came out as a single from the best of compilation Popart. The gig later was broadcasted by German TV station ZDF.
Setlist: "West End Girls"; "Miracles"; "It's A Sin".

Live at the MTV Designerama Show (Berlin, Germany)

01.10. 2003; live appearance

Live appearance on the MTV Designerama fashion show.
Performed: "Miracles"; "Se A Vida E".

Live at the World Awards Ceremony (Hamburg, Germany)

22.10. 2003; live appearance

Live appearance after winning the World Arts Award for their extraordinary dedication to art, their social engagement and their unique contribution to popular music as well as their overall patronage of the arts.
Performed: "Miracles"

Live at 10 Years Of Viva TV (Cologne, Germany)

22.10. 2003; TV appearance

Performed: "Go West"

Live at the German AIDS Gala (Berlin, Germany)

30.10. 2003; TV appearance

TV appearance on the nationally televised "Stars 2003 - Die Aids Gala".
Performed: "West End Girls".

Live at the Camden Barfly (London, UK)

06.03. 2004; live appearance

Live appearance playing a small live show with a powerbook as part of a series of shows benefiting the charity Warchild. The show lasted just over an hour. All the songs were performed in new versions reprogrammed by Chris and Neil on Chris' Apple Powerbook. The medley at the end consisted of the versions performed on XFM Radio. Several of the songs were being played in concert for the first time. It was the first full show they have ever played as a duo with no other musicians.
Setlist: "Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man)"; "Tonight Is Forever"; "We’re The Pet Shop Boys"; "Jealousy"; "I’m Not Scared"; "Being Boring"; "In Private"; "Nervously"; "It’s A Sin"; "Love Is A Catastrophe"; Encore: A Medley with "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)"; "Rent"; "Flamboyant"; "West End Girls".

Live at the Des and Mel Show (London, UK)

22.03. 2004; TV appearance

TV appearance and a interview on the british comedy show on ITV channel 1.
Performed two songs from the Barfly set: "Flamboyant"; "?".

Live at Saturday Night Takeaway (London, UK)

27.03. 2004; TV appearance

TV appearance on ITV1s Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.
Performed: "Flamboyant"

Live at Popworld (London, UK)

28.03. 2004; TV appearance

TV appearance on the british Channel 4.
Performed: "Flamboyant".

Live at BBC Parkinson TV show (London, UK)

03.04 2004] TV appearance

TV appearance on the BBC Parkinson TV show. Performed: "It's A Sin".

Festival tour 2004

Summer/Autumn 2004; concert tour

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Battleship Potemkin (Trafalgar Square; London)

12.09.2004; live performance to backstage projection

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Live at Produced by Trevor Horn (Wembley Arena London, UK)

11.11. 2004; live appearance

A concert for The Prince's Trust at London's Wembley Arena, along with ABC, Art of Noise, Belle & Sebastian, Lisa Stansfield, Seal and Yes to celebrate Trevor Horn's 25 years as one of the world's most successful and influential music producers.
Setlist: "Left To My Own Devices"; "It's Alright".

Cookie's club, Germany

06.12.2004; Neil's DJing

Neil performed as a DJ in Berlin's Cookie's club. That was periodic evening called Yellow Lounge held on the first Monday of every month. Neil was invited after May visit with Chris. In two hours he played his favourite classic music by Wagner, Schostakovich, Hendel and others. He didn't miss play opening theme from "Battleship Potemkin" too.

Live at Meltdown festival (Royal Festival Hall London, UK)

17.06. 2005; live appearance

Appearing onstage with Yoko Ono during her performance of "Walking On Thin Ice".

Live at Live8 (Red Square Moscow, Russia)

02.07.2005; live appearance

The boys are headlining one of eight simultaneous Live 8 concerts around the world intended to put pressure on the world leaders at the G8 conference the following week to provide debt relief and other measures for Africa.
Setlist: "It's A Sin"; "Suburbia"; "Opportunities"; "Domino Dancing"; "New York City Boy"; "Always On My Mind"; "Where The Streets Have No Name"; "West End Girls"; Left To My Own Devices"; "Go West". Encore:"It's A Sin".

BBC Radio Concert

08.05. 2006; concert

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TV Total (Germany)

01.06.06; live appearance

Neil and Chris were interviewed by Stephan Raab on "TV Total" and performed "I'm with Stupid".

Summer 2006 tour

Summer 2006; concert tour

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Fundamental tour

2007; concert tour

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BBC Radio Theatre

04.06.2007; radio concert

To mark the re-opening of the historic BBC Radio Theatre, the Radio 2 Music Club presents the Pet Shop Boys in a live and exclusive concert. The concert features some of their best known songs plus tracks from their latest album Fundamental.
Setlist: "Being Boring"; "Suburbia"; "Minimal/Shopping"; "Kings Cross"; "Heart"; "Opportunities"; "Integral"; "Se a vida E/Domino Dancing"; "West End Girls"; "Always on my Mind"; "So Hard/It's a Sin".

War Child (Brixton Academy)

01.11.2007; benefit concert

Pet Shop Boys performed a 20-minute set at the War Child concert organised by Keane at Brixton Academy. On the last three songs Neil and Chris were joined by Bic Hayes and Mark Refoy on guitar and Dawne Adams on percussion. Tom Chaplin of Keane gave Pet Shop Boys a very warm introduction before they took to the stage. Other artists performing included Guillemots, the Magic Numbers, Teddy Thompson, Lilly Allen (with Keane) and Keane.
Setlist:"Rent" (Barfly version), "West End girls" (extended version), "Integral" (based on Perfect Immaculate mix) and "Being boring".

Can You Bear It? (Heaven club)

03.05.2008; benefit night

Pet Shop Boys performed a live set at midnight as part of the "Can you bear it?" benefit night for the family of Dainton Connell, Pet Shop Boys' friend and former assistant who was tragically killed in a car accident last year. They were joined on stage by Dawne Adams (percussion) and Bic Hayes and Mark Refoy (guitars).
Suggs and Carl from Madness (who first got to know Dainton when he was only 12 years old) came on stage for a chaotic performance of the Madness classic, "My girl", in a new arrangement by Pet Shop Boys. "Being boring" was accompanied by a montage of film clips of Dainton.
Afterwards, Dainton's wife, Mandy, made a speech thanking the organisers of the event and the line-up of DJs and the Pet Shop Boys, particularly thanking Chris Lowe for his "amazing" loyalty and support. At 2.15 am Chris played a short DJ set, mainly composed of old rave classics, assisted by DJ Tom Stephan. During the course of the night, Pet Shop Boys' programmer, Pete Gleadall (a.k.a. Pedro Gonzalez) and Pet Shop Boys' manager, Dave Dorrell, also played DJ sets, alongside DJ legends like Judge Jules, Danny Rampling and Terry Farley.
Setlist: "Go West"; "Rent (electro version)"; "Integral (Perfect Immaculate version)"; "Suburbia"; "West End girls (long version)"; "It's a sin"; "My girl (with Suggs and Carl from Madness)"; "Being boring".

Brit Awards 2009 (Earl's Court, London, UK)

18.02.2009; live appearance

Here are everyone who helped create Brits performance at Earl's Court: Es Devlin - design and staging; Stuart Price - arranging the medley of songs; OneDotZero - video footage; Lynne Page - the choreography; Pete Gleadall and Holger Schwark - sound supervision and mixing; Angela Becker and Lisa Tillyard - management; Carisa Glucksman and Jeffrey Bryant - wardrobe and styling; the Brits production team; Pet Shop Boys stage crew headed by Andy Crookston. Neil and Chris were wearing clothes by young British designers Gareth Pugh (Neil) and James Long (Chris). Guest stars Brandon Flowers and Lady GaGa.
Setlist (medley of songs): Surburbia, Love Etc., Left To My Own Devices, Always On My Mind, Go West, What Have I Done To Deserve This? (with Lady Gaga), Domino Dancing/I'm With Stupid, Being Boring, It's A Sin (with Brandon Flowers), All Over The World, West End Girls (vocals: Brandon Flowers a Lady Gaga).

Pandemonium tour

10.06.2009-31.12.2011; live appearance

Two and half year (with some braks and special appearances) boys toured with their most successfull Pandemonium show all over the world.

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PSB as special guest at Take That Progress tour

27.5.-29.6.2011; live appearance

Pet Shop Boys were very special guests on Take That's Progress Live 2011 Tour. 40-minute set included highlights of their recent Pandemonium tour.

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three track performance at Wimbledon

28.07.2012; live appearance

Pet Shop Boys played three songs at Wimbledon before the Olympics tennis started. They performed at "Henman Hill" on July 28, 2012.

Setlist: Always on my mind, What have I done to deserve this?, Winner

Closing ceremony of the Olympic Games

12.08.2012; live appearance

PSB performed at the Closing ceremony of the Olympics Games 2012. They played "West End Girls" edited version. Costume and hats designed Gareth Pugh.

Elysium live in Berlin

05.09.2012; live concert

Electronic Beats presented a very special short performance by Pet Shop Boys live in Berlin. The British pop duo played a selection of songs from their new album Elysium on 5 September, 2012, the first time songs from the album have been played live. The 30 minute show was held in the small and exclusive environs of Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany. Pet Shop Boys have especially selected the Hebbel am Ufer because of the theatre’s reputation as one of the most innovative event locations in Berlin for young, international and experimental art.

Set list:
Face like that
Winner (andrew dawson happysad mix)
Ego music
Memory of the future
Hold on
Requiem in denim and leopardskin
I Started A Joke

  • watch Elysium concert

  • Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Parade

    10.09.2012; live performance

    Pet Shop Boys performed at the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Parade in London presented by the Mayor of London in front of Buckingham Palace on September 10th. The event was broadcasted live in the UK.

    Set list:
    West end girls
    Go west

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  • Radio 2 In Concert

    6.12.2012; concert

    Radio 2 In Concert with Pet Shop Boys and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, presented by Jo Whiley and recorded at the BBC's MediaCity UK headquarters in Salford.

    Set list:
    Tonight Is Forever (First time since 2004)
    This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave (First time since 1991)
    Can You Forgive Her?
    Memory of the Future ('New Single Mix' version)
    Miracles (Live debut)
    It Couldn't Happen Here (Live debut)
    Breathing Space (Live debut)
    New York City Boy
    The Survivors (Live debut)
    For All of Us (Live debut)
    He Dreamed of Machines (Live debut)
    Hold On
    West End Girls
    Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin

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  • Electric

    22.3.2013-19.12.2014; live performance

    Pet Shop Boys toured almost two years with Electric tour which has visited 45 countries with 104 shows.

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    MNET Asian Music Awards

    2.12.2015; performance

    Pet Shop Boys performed in Hong Kong at the 2015 MNET Asian Music Awards on December 2nd. Their performance included a collaboration with the top K-Pop group, f(x). Boys also recieved the "Worldwide Inspiration" award.

    Set list:
    Vocal (intro)
    Go West
    Always On Mind
    What Have I Done To Deserve This? (feat. f(x))
    Vocal (feat. f(x))

  • watch what have i done... and vocal video here

  • A Man From The Future

    23.7.2014; concert

    Pet Shop Boys performed the world premiere of “A Man From The Future”, their evocation of the life of computer pioneer Alan Turing, at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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    Inner Sanctum

    20.-23.7.2016; concerts

    Pet Shop Boys performed four dates at the Royal Opera House in July 2016. The 'Inner Sanctum' series of concerts followe the release of a new album, SUPER, on 1 April and celbrated 30 years of the Pet Shop Boys. The show was staged by designer Es Devlin - who has worked extensively with both Pet Shop Boys and The Royal Opera - and choreographer Lynne Page. 'It's very exciting to take electronic music into the Royal Opera House - such a grand and beautiful venue', say the duo. 'These will be four very special nights for us and our only UK concerts this year.' All four concerts were sold out.

    Set list:
    Inner sanctum
    West End girls (10-inch version)
    The Pop Kids
    In the night
    Love is a bourgeois construct
    New York City boy
    Se a vida é
    Love comes quickly
    Love etc.
    The dictator decides
    Inside a dream
    Winner (HappySad version)
    Home and dry (ambient version)
    The Enigma
    The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
    It's a sin
    Left to my own devices
    Go West
    Domino dancing
    Always on my mind
    The Pop Kids (Offer Nissim drama version)

  • watch launch video here

  • Teenage Cancer Trust

    02.04.2017; concert

    Pet Shop Boys played a special concert in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. It took place at the Royal Albert Hall, London on April 2nd. They were joined by Johnny Marr and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. "This will be a very special night for us, performing with Johnny Marr and the Royal Philharmonic.” Neil and Chris revealed, “ We have often combined electronics with orchestrations on our records and now we’re going to do this in concert. Johnny has played on many of our albums and it will be a real thrill to have him on stage with us. The Teenage Cancer Trust is a wonderful organisation and we are delighted to be able to take part in this annual series of concerts which helps to fund their essential work.” Proceeds from all tickets sales went to Teenage Cancer Trust.

    set list:
    -Part One-
    Left to My Own Devices (with Sally Bradshaw)
    Tonight Is Forever
    This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave (with Johnny Marr)
    Later Tonight
    New York City Boy
    The Survivors (with Johnny Marr)
    Leaving (with Johnny Marr)
    Jealousy (with Johnny Marr)

    -Part Two-
    Hold On
    It Couldn't Happen Here
    For All of Us (with Johnny Marr)
    Can You Forgive Her?
    Breathing Space (with Johnny Marr)
    He Dreamed of Machines
    Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin (with Johnny Marr)
    Indefinite Leave to Remain (with Johnny Marr)
    West End Girls (with Johnny Marr)
    It's Alright (with Sally Bradshaw)
    It's a Sin (with Johnny Marr)

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