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Closer To Heaven:

Closer To Heaven

songs and characters:
  • My Night
    (Billie Trix, Straight Dave, Shell, Vic, Flynn and Mile End Lee)
  • Closer To Heaven
    (Shell and Vic)
  • Something Special
    (Straight Dave)
  • Positive Role Model
  • Closer To Heaven
    (Shell and Dave)
  • In Denial
    (Vic and Shell)
  • Call Me Old Fashioned
    (Bob Saunders)
  • Nine Out Of Ten
    (Shell and Straight Dave)
  • Caligula
    (Billie Trix)
  • Hedonism (Instrumental)
  • Friendly Fire
    (Billie Trix)
  • In Denial
    (Straight Dave and Shell)
  • Something Special (Reprise)
    (Straight Dave)
  • Shameless
    (Vile Celebrities)
  • Vampires
  • Closer To Heaven
    (Straight Dave and Mile End Lee)
  • Out Of My System
    (Shell, Billie Trix, Flynn and Trannies)
  • K-Hole (Feat. Run, Girl, Run!)
  • For All Of Us
    (Straight Dave)
  • Positive Role Model
    (Straight Dave)
  • My Night
    (The Cast)

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    London, Arts Theatre
    London, Arts Theatre London, Arts Theatre London, Arts Theatre

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    London's club-land. Suddenly what was wrong seems right…
    Dave, young, sexy and fresh from Ireland, falls for beautiful, ambitious Shell and streetwise drug dealer Mile End Lee. Billie Tricks, seventies rock icon and now hostess of a glitzy London nightclub, is there when they need to turn to "mother". Meanwhile the outrageous Bob Saunders, pop manager extraordinaire, has his own plans for Dave. As fame and fortune beckon, Dave quickly learns that things aren't always as straightforward as they seem.

    The eagerly awaited musical 'Closer To Heaven' (which Neil and Chris worked on with Jonathan Harvey for a few years) opened on Tuesday 15th May 2001, it ran for five months before closing on Saturday 13th October 2001.
    Towards the end of 1999 The Really Useful Group, Andrew Lloyds Webber's company, agreed to finance a workshop. A full cast, director, choreographer and designer worked on the show and rehearsed it for three weeks, culminating in three private performances in North London at the end of May 2000 which went very well. "Actually it was astonishingly accomplished", says Neil. "The idea of a workshop is to see what worked and what didn't work. It was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm". The musical which was originally going to be called 'Nightlife', is set against the backdrop of London's clubland. It features 15 new tracks, including 'Friendly Fire' which the Boys played at the London Savoy Theatre in 1997, and few tracks from 'Nightlife'.

    Billie Trix: Frances Barber
    Bob Saunders: Paul Broughton
    Vic Christian: David Burt
    Straight Dave: Paul Keating
    Flynn: David Langham
    Shell Christian: Stacey Roca
    Mile End Lee: Tom Walker
    Billie's Babes: Jo Cavanagh, Akiya Henry, C. Jay Ranger, Mark John Richardson, Richard Joe, Louie Spence, Mark Stanway
    Ensemble/Swing: Amanda Valentine, Marcos White
    Music and lyrics: Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe
    Script: Jonathan Harvey
    Producer: Andrew Lloyd Webber
    Designer: Es Devlin
    Sound Designer: Simon Baker
    Lighting designer: Mark Henderson
    Musical Supervisor: Chris Nightingale
    Choreographer: Peter Darling
    Director: Gemma Bodinetz
    A Company on Stage Production: Creative & Executive Producer Kevin Wallace in association with Terry Brady, Broadcast Musical Management GmbH MAT Theatrical Entertainment S.A .de C.V.

    Several songs had been written for the musical but were not used. These include 'The Only One' and 'For Your Own Good' from the 'Nightlife' album and also the unreleased songs, 'Tall Thin Men', 'A Little Black Dress', 'Home' and 'You've Got To Start Somewhere'. The three versions of 'Closer To Heaven' in the show each have different lyrics. On Monday 8th October 2001 the Original Cast Recording was released.

    musical venue:
  • 15.05.-13.10.2001 United Kingdom
    London, Arts Theatre