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Discovery Tour:

Discovery Tour

  • Tonight Is Forever
  • [Lights! Camera! intro]
  • I Wouldn't Normally Do...
  • Always On My Mind
  • To Speak Is A Sin
  • Domino Dancing
  • One In A Million/ Mr.Vain Medley
  • Paninaro
  • Rent (unplugged)
  • To Face The Truth (unplugged)
  • So Hard
  • Where The Streets Have No Name
    -15 minute intermission-
  • Do I Have To?
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • King's Cross
  • Can You Forgive Her?
  • Boys And Girls
  • West End Girls
  • Liberation
  • It's A Sin/I Will Survive Medley
  • Go West
  • Being Boring

    Some shows had "Suburbia" unplugged instead of "To Face The Truth". Some shows with "Suburbia" moved "King's Cross" to just after "Suburbia" and moved "Liberation" and "West End Girls" before "Can You Forgive Her".

  • pictures:

    Rio de Janiero, Brazil

    info and cast:

    On October 26th the Pet Shop Boys begin their 1994 tour, 'Discovery', in Singapore. Over the next six weeks they play concerts in Australia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The tour is inspired by a trip Chris made to Brazil in the summer, and by a July visit the Pet Shop Boys made to the Sound Factory in New York where they saw go-go dancers cavorting to the music, covered only by flimsy American flags, whilst live percussionists played along to the records. The performers include four dancers (Flavio Cecchetto, Mirelle Diax, Paulo Henrique and Nicole Nisiotis), two percussionists (Liliana Chachian and Oli Saville), an additional singer (Katie Kissoon) and their regular in-studio programmer, Pete Gleadall, who also plays guitar on 'Suburbia'. "We're much more free spirited on this tour", Chris announces beforehand. "We do what we want. We party on down. It's not a totally choreographed, staged and rehearsed show. I suppose it is more rock 'n' roll in its attitude. You get to express yourself. And take your clothes off". The final date is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 12th. Live video of the show was released on VHS and LD as "Discovery/Live in Rio" and soon there should be DVD release aswell.

    tour venues:
  • 26.10.1994 Rep. of Asia
    Singapore, Indoor Arena
  • 01.11.1994 Australia
    Perth, Entertainment Centre
  • 04.11.1994 Australia
    Sydney, Entertainment Centre
  • 05.11.1994 Australia
    Sydney, Entertainment Centre
  • 07.11.1994 Australia
    Adelaide, Entertainment Centre
  • 08.11.1994 Australia
    Melbourne, Flinders Park
  • 09.11.1994 Australia
    Melbourne, Tennis Centre
  • 11.11.1994 Australia
    Brisbane, Entertainment Centre
  • 12.11.1994 Australia
  • 13.11.1994 Australia
  • 17.11.1994 Puerto Rico
    San Juan, Ampitheatre
  • 20.11.1994 Mexico
    Mexico City, Auditorio Nacional
  • 22.11.1994 Costa Rica
    San Jose, Palacio de los Deportes
  • 25.11.1994 Colombia
    Bogota, El Campin
  • 28.11.1994 Peru Lima
    San Augustin, Stadium
  • 30.11.1994 Chile
    Santiago, Estacion Mapocho
  • 02.12.1994 Argentina
    Buenos Aires, Opera Theatre
  • 03.12.1994 Argentina
    Buenos Aires, Opera Theatre
  • 05.12.1994 Brazil
    Sao Paolo, Olympia
  • 06.12.1994 Brazil
    Sao Paolo, Olympia
  • 07.12.1994 Brazil
    Sao Paolo, Olympia
  • 09.12.1994 Brazil
    Rio de Janiero, Metropolitan
  • 10.12.1994 Brazil
    Rio de Janiero, Metropolitan