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MCMLXXXIX Tour Programme

info and cast:

The first tour, a lavish theatrical spectacle is directed by film-maker Derek Jarman. He has specially shot several films to be back-projected (released as "Projections"), there are extravagant costumes and the cast includes six dancers (Casper, Cooley, Hugo Huizar, Tracey Langran, Jill Robertson and Robia LaMorte), four singers (Mike Henry, Jay Henry, Carroll Thompson and Juliet Roberts), an extra keyboard player (Dominic Clarke) and a percussionist (Danny Cummings). And of course great jazz musician Courtney Pine. Footage of the tour was released as "Highlights" live video. Soon there should be released full live video of the show on DVD.


London, UK
Neil Tennant Neil Tennant all crew Chris Lowe Neil and Chris Courtney Pine Neil and dancers Neil and Chris Neil Tennant Chris Lowe Neil Tennant Neil Tennant Neil Tennant Neil Tennant Neil and Chris

  • One More Chance
  • Opportunities
  • Left To My Own Devices
  • Rent
  • Heart
  • Paninaro
  • Loves Comec Quickly
  • Later Tonight
  • Nothing Has Been Prooved
  • The Sound Of The Atom Splitting
  • It's A Sin
  • Shopping
  • Domino Dancing
  • Occupy Your Mind
  • King's Cross
  • Always On My Mind
  • West End Girls
  • It's Alright

  • tour venues:
  • 29.06.1989 Hong Kong
    Hong Kong, Colliseum
  • 30.06.1989 Hong Kong
    Hong Kong, Colliseum
  • 04.07.1989 Japan
    Tokyo, Budokan
  • 05.07.1989 Japan
    Tokyo, Budokan
  • 06.07.1989 Japan
    Tokyo, Budokan
  • 08.07.1989 Japan
    Osaka, Castle Hall
  • 09.07.1989 Japan
    Nagoya, Rainbow Hall
  • 13.07.1989 United Kingdom
    Birmingham, N.E.C.
  • 14.07.1989 United Kingdom
    Birmingham, N.E.C.
  • 15.07.1989 United Kingdom
    Birmingham, N.E.C.
  • 17.07.1989 United Kingdom
    Glasgow, S.E.C.C.
  • 19.07.1989 United Kingdom
    London, Wembley Arena
  • 20.07.1989 United Kingdom
    London, Wembley Arena
  • 21.07.1989 United Kingdom
    London, Wembley Arena