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Nightlife Tour:

Nightlife Tour Programme

  • Intro
  • For Your Own Good
  • West End Girls
  • Discoteca
  • Being Boring (new version)
  • Happines Is An Option/Closer To Heaven (in III. part of tour)
  • Can You Forgive Her? (new version)
  • Only The Wind
  • What Have I Done To Deserve This?
  • New York City Boy
  • Left To My Own Devices
  • Young Offender (Jam & Spoon Trip O Matic Fairy Tale Mix)
  • Vampires
  • You Only Tell Me... (acoustic version)
  • Se A Vida E (acoustic version)
  • I Don't Know What You Want...
  • Always On My Mind
  • Shameless
  • Opportunities
  • It's A Sin/I Will Survive
  • Go West (short instrumental version)
  • It's Alright
  • Footsteps
  • Go West

    Many of the songs performed got a new facelift, with thanks to Peter Schwartz, who was a musical director of the whole tour. Some shows had "Was it worth it?" (acustic version) in the show.

  • pictures:

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Erfurt, Germany

    info and cast:

    In June, the Pet Shop Boys announce the initial stages of their world tour in eight years. After a one-off show headlining the dance festival Creamfields on August 28, the tour began in America in the second half of October and visited the US, Germany, the Czech Republic, Britain and Eire before Christmas. The set and show was designed by the celebrated architect Zaha Hadid, who they have asked to design a show with modular structure which could fit in venues of different sizes. "She came up with the idea of having a structure that actually changes during the course of the show itself, and the backing singers we have actually are involved in making the set changes. Cast was follow.

    Musical Director: Peter Schwartz
    Vocals: Sylvia Mason-James
    Vocals: Keith Fluitt, L. Steve Abram, John James, Billy Cliff
    Percussion: Danny Cummings
    Tour Manager: James Monkman
    Production manager: Fred Brietfelder
    Show stage manager and head carpenter: Tony Gittins
    Assistant: Sharon Ashley
    Lighting director: Jon Pollack
    Sound/FOH Engineer: Adrian Barnard
    Musical director's technician: DJ Howes
    Percussion technician: Ben Adams
    Monitor engineer: John Shearman
    Personal assistant to Pet Shop Boys: Dainton Connell
    Hair/wigs: Chrissie Turner
    Make-up: Ailbhe Lemass
    Wardrobe: Jeffrey Bryant, Consuelo Balduzzi
    Set design: Zaha Hadid
    Project Architect: Oliver Domeisen at Zaha Hadid
    Design team: Bergendy Cooke, Jee-Eun Lee, Christos Passas, Caroline Voet, Susann Schweizer, Thomas Knuvener at Zaha Hadid
    Costume designer/staging consultant: Ian MacNeil
    Assistant costume designer: Paul Minter
    Costume design assistant: Michael Weldon
    Lighting designer: Marc Brickman
    Vocal arranger: Danny Madden
    Choreographer: Dennis O'Connor
    Choreographer for 'New York City boy': Scott Shettlerow
    Projection: Chris Bird/Ben Whittam-Smith at Notting Hill Publishing. Film for 'Young Offender' from the feature film 'Crush Proof' directed by Paul Tickell.
    Management: Mitch Clark assisted by Caitlin Gibbons at MCCL
    US and Canadian management: Merck Mercuriadis assisted by Paul Dando at Sanctuary Music Group
    Sound/Audio service: Bryan Grant at Britannia Row Productions
    Lighting services: LSD
    Equipment: Jez Bottom at Digital Village, Nick Harris at Fx Rentals, Freddo at Technical Earth, Nick Bruce-Smith at Hand Held Audio, Roland UK, Zildjen, Latin Percussion.

    tour venues:
  • 20.10.1999 United States
    Miami, Jackie Gleason Theatre
  • 21.10.1999 United States
    Tampa, TBPAC
  • 22.10.1999 United States
    Orlando, Hard Rock Live
  • 23.10.1999 United States
    Atlanta, The Tabernacle
  • 25.10.1999 United States
    Houston, Aeriel Theatre
  • 27.10.1999 United States
    Dallas, Bronco Bowl
  • 29.10.1999 United States
    San Diego, Spreckels Theatre
  • 30.10.1999 United States
    Irvine, Irvine Meadows
  • 31.10.1999 United States
    Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel
  • 01.11.1999 United States
    Los Angeles, Universal Amphitheatre
  • 03.11.1999 United States
    San Francisco, Warfield
  • 05.11.1999 United States
    Denver, Aditorium Theatre
  • 07.11.1999 United States
    Chicago, Riviera Theatre
  • 08.11.1999 United States
    Detroit, State Theatre
  • 09.11.1999 Canada
    Toronto, The Warehouse
  • 11.11.1999 United States
    New York City, Hammerstein Ballroom
  • 12.11.1999 United States
    New York City, Hammerstein Ballroom
  • 14.11.1999 Canada
    Montreal, Metropolis
  • 22.11.1999 Germany
    Frankfurt, Alter Oper
  • 23.11.1999 Netherlands
    Den Haag, Congresgebouw
  • 24.11.1999 Germany
    Dusseldorf, Philipshalle
  • 26.11.1999 Czech Republic
    Prague, Sports Hall
  • 27.11.1999 Germany
    Hamburg, CCH1
  • 28.11.1999 Germany
    Berlin, Arena
  • 01.12.1999 Germany
    Munich, Zenith
  • 04.12.1999 Scotland
    Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium
  • 07.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Newcastle, TeleWest Arena
  • 09.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Sheffield, Arena
  • 10.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Manchester, Evening News Arena
  • 12.12.1999 Ireland
    Dublin, Point Depot
  • 13.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Birmingham, NEC
  • 14.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Cardiff, Arena
  • 16.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Bournemouth, International Centre
  • 17.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Brighton, Centre
  • 19.12.1999 United Kingdom
    Plymouth, Pavilions
  • 20.12.1999 United Kingdom
    London, Wembley Arena
  • 16.01.2000 Spain
    San Sebastian, Kursaal Aud.
  • 18.01.2000 Spain
    Granada, Palacio De Deportes
  • 19.01.2000 Spain
    Madrid, Palacio De Deportes
  • 20.01.2000 Spain
    Valencia, Velodrome Luis Buig
  • 21.01.2000 Spain
    Barcelona, Palau Dels Esports
  • 23.01.2000 Switzerland
    Basel, St. Jakobshalle
  • 25.01.2000 Austria
    Vienna, Libro Music Hall
  • 26.01.2000 Germany
    Erfurt, Messehalle
  • 27.01.2000 Germany
    Magdeburg, Borderlandhalle
  • 29.01.2000 Sweden
    Stockholm, The Globe
  • 31.01.2000 Norway
    Oslo, Spektrum
  • 01.02.2000 Denmark
    Copenhagen, Valby Hall
  • 03.02.2000 Germany
    Hamburg, Sporthalle
  • 04.02.2000 Germany
    Bremen, Pier 2
  • 06.02.2000 Belgium
    Brussels, Forest National
  • 07.02.2000 France
    Paris, Le Zenith
  • 09.02.2000 Germany
    Stuttgart, Bethovensaal
  • 10.02.2000 Germany
    Dortmund, Westfalenhalle
  • 11.02.2000 Germany
    Berlin, Arena
  • 12.02.2000 Germany
    Mannheim, Mozarthalle