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Perfomance Tour:

Performance Tour Programme

  • intro - The Alpine Symphony
  • This Must Be The Place...
  • It's A Sin
  • Losing My Mind
  • What Have I Done To Deserve This?
  • My October Symphony
  • I'm Not Scared
  • We All Feel Better In The Dark
  • So Sorry, I Said
  • Suburbia
  • So Hard
  • Opportunities
  • How Can You Expect To Be...
  • Rent
  • Where The Streets Have No Name
  • West End Girls
  • Jealousy
  • Always On My Mind
  • Being Boring
  • Your Funny Uncle

  • pictures:

    Birmingham, UK

    info and cast:

    The Pet Shop Boys second tour. It is put together in conjunction with director David Alden and designer David Fielding, best known for their avant garde opera productions. There are no musicians on stage, (though two, guitarists J.J. Belle and keyboard player Scott Davidson, do skulk in the wings), just three singers (Pamela Sheyne, Derek Green and Sylvia Mason-James) and ten dancers (Petee Aloysius, Trevor Henry, Craig Maguire, Catherine Malone, Mark Martin, leon Maurice Jones, Suki Miles, Katie Puckrick, Sarah Toner and Noal Wallace) choreographed by Jacob Marley.

    Pet Shop Boys Performance This show represented for us an ambition finally achieved. We had decided early on in our career that when we toured it would be with a theatrical show in the tradition of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs or Grace Jones' One Man Show. To this end, we met with the opera director, David Alden, and the theatrical designer, David Fielding, in 1986 to discuss creating a show with them along the lines of the production they had built their reputations on for the English National Opera in London. For various reasons, mainly financial, this didn't happen for another five years.
    Finally, in 1991, we toured the world with Performance, an ambitious pop music show with no visible musicians but in which every song was visualised and choreographed within the context of a narrative which stretched from childhood to death to afterlife (in the encores).
    It was quite an achievement by our production crew just to put on such a complex show each night in a different city. Eric Watson's film of it was recorded over three nights (and days) in Birmingham and captures both the scope and the details of the production as well as the backstage drama. Looking at it now, it's wonderful to see an ambition realised.

    tour venues:
  • 11.03.1991 Japan
    Tokyo, Yoyogi Olympic Pool
  • 12.03.1991 Japan
    Osaka, Castle Hall
  • 14.03.1991 Japan
    Yokohama, Yokohama Gym
  • 15.03.1991 Japan
    Tokyo, Budokan
  • 19.03.1991 United States
    Miami, Knight Centre
  • 21.03.1991 United States
    New Orleans, McAllister/Saenger
  • 23.03.1991 United States
    Houston, Southern Star Ampitheatre
  • 27.03.1991 United States
    San Fransisco, Warfield
  • 28.03.1991 United States
    San Fransisco, Warfield
  • 29.03.1991 United States
    Los Angeles, Universal Amphitheatre
  • 30.03.1991 United States
    Los Angeles, Universal Amphitheatre
  • 01.04.1991 United States
    Salt Lake City, Kingsbury Auditorium
  • 03.04.1991 United States
    Minneapolis, Orpheum Theatre
  • 04.04.1991 United States
    Chicago, Rivera Theatre
  • 05.04.1991 United States
    Detroit, Clubland
  • 07.04.1991 United States
    Washington, Constitution Hall
  • 09.04.1991 United States
    New York, Radio City Music Hall
  • 10.04.1991 United States
    New York, Radio City Music Hall
  • 11.04.1991 United States
    Boston, Orpheum Theatre
  • 13.04.1991 Canada
    Montreal, Outremont/Olympia Theatre
  • 14.04.1991 Canada
    Montreal, Outremont/Olympia Theatre
  • 15.04.1991 Canada
    Toronto, Verdun Auditorium
  • 18.04.1991 France
    Paris, Zenith
  • 19.04.1991 Belgium
    Brussels, Forest National
  • 21.04.1991 Germany
    Berlin, Deutscheland Halle
  • 22.04.1991 Germany
    Bremen, Stadthalle 1
  • 23.04.1991 Germany
    Dortmund, Westfalen Halle
  • 25.04.1991 Germany
    Frankfurt, Festhalle
  • 26.04.1991 Germany
    Mannheim, Eisstadion
  • 28.04.1991 Germany
    Munich, Olympia Halle
  • 30.04.1991 Germany
    Hannover, Eilenriede Halle
  • 02.05.1991 Denmark
    Copenhagen, Valby Hall
  • 03.05.1991 Sweden
    Gothenburg, Scandinavium
  • 04.05.1991 Sweden
    Stockholm, The Globe
  • 06.05.1991 Finland
    Helsinki, Ishallen
  • 09.05.1991 Czechoslovakia
    Prague, CSTV Sportshall
  • 10.05.1991 Czechoslovakia
    Ostrava, Ice Hockey Stadium
  • 11.05.1991 Austria
    Vienna, Stadthalle
  • 12.05.1991 Hungary
    Budapest, Sportshall
  • 14.05.1991 Yugoslavia
    Zagreb, Sportshall
  • 16.05.1991 Germany
    Stuttgart, Hans Martin Schleyer Halle
  • 17.05.1991 Swizerland
    Zurich, Hallen Stadion
  • 18.05.1991 Italy
    Milan, Palatrussardi
  • 21.05.1991 Spain
    Madrid, Palacio De Los Deportes
  • 22.05.1991 Spain
    Barcelona, Palau De San Jordi
  • 24.05.1991 Netherlands
    Rotterdam, The Ahoy
  • 27.05.1991 United Kingdom
    Blackpool, Opera House
  • 28.05.1991 United Kingdom
    Glasgow, S.E.C.
  • 29.05.1991 United Kingdom
    Aberdeen, Exhibition Theatre
  • 01.06.1991 United Kingdom
    Birmingham, N.E.C.
  • 02.06.1991 United Kingdom
    Birmingham, N.E.C.
  • 03.06.1991 United Kingdom
    Birmingham, N.E.C.
  • 05.06.1991 United Kingdom
    Whitley, Bay Ice Rink
  • 07.06.1991 United Kingdom
    London, Wembley Arena
  • 08.06.1991 United Kingdom
    London, Wembley Arena
  • 09.06.1991 United Kingdom
    London, Wembley Arena
  • 13.06.1991 United Kingdom
    Belfast, Kings Hall
  • 17.06.1991 Ireland
    Dublin, Point Depot