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Summer Tour 2000:

Summer Tour 2000

  • Intro
  • I Don't Know What You Want...
  • Suburbia
  • Can You Forgive Her?
  • Left To My Own Devices
  • Se A Vida ╔ (That's The Way Life Is)
  • Rent
  • You Only Tell Me... (acoustic version)
  • Was It Worth It?
  • Paninaro '95
  • Young Offender
  • New York City Boy
  • Domino dancing
  • Being Boring
  • A Positive Role Model
  • What Have I Done To Deserve This?
  • Opportunities
  • Always On My Mind
  • It's A Sin/I Will Survive medley
  • West End Girls
  • Go West

    The Glastonbury appearance was slightly different from the rest of the tour concerts. The setlist was: I Don't Know What You Want..., Suburbia, Can You Forgive Her?, Left To My Own Devices, Se a vida e, Rent, You Only Tell Me You Love Me..., Paninaro '95, Young Offender, New York City Boy, Positive Role Model, What Have I Done... (with Cerys Matthews), Always On My Mind, It's a sin/I Will Survive.
    Encores: West End Girls and Go West.

  • pictures:

    Gliwice, Poland

    info and cast:

    Pet Shop Boys started a summer tour in Jerusalem on the 1. June 2000. They also performed at several European festivals during this tour. A tragic accident occurred on the 30. June during the musical festival in Danish Roskilde, where also Pet Shop Boys performed. There was a crush during the Pearl Jam performance and nine people died. Pet Shop Boys should have played at the same stage as Pearl Jam. Festival went on, but Pet Shop Boys (as well as Oasis and The Cure) its appearance cancelled as an act of respect to victims and their families.

    Musical Director: Peter Schwartz
    Vocals: Sylvia Mason-James
    Vocals: Keith Fluitt, Billy Cliff
    Percussion: Danny Cummings
    Personal assistant to Pet Shop Boys: Dainton Connell

    tour venues:
  • 01.06.2000 Israel
    Jerusalem, Sultan Pool
  • 03.06.2000 Israel
    Raanana, New Amphitheatre
  • 06.06.2000 Estonia*
    Tallinn, Song Festival Grounds
  • 07.06.2000 Lithuania*
    Vilnius, Zalgiris Stadium
  • 08.06.2000 Latvia*
    Riga, Mezapark
  • 14.06.2000 Japan*
    Yokohama, Pacifico
  • 16.06.2000 Japan*
    Tokyo, International Forum
  • 17.06.2000 Japan*
    Tokyo, International Forum
  • 19.06.2000 Japan*
    Osaka, Zepp
  • 20.06.2000 Japan*
    Osaka, Zepp
  • 21.06.2000 Japan
    Fukuoka, Sun Palace
  • 24.06.2000 United Kingdom
    Somerset, Glastonbury Festival
  • 28.06.2000 Greece
    Athens, Lycabettus Theatre
  • 29.06.2000 Greece
    Athens, Lycabettus Theatre
  • 01.07.2000 Denmark
    Roskilde, Roskilde Festival
  • 02.07.2000 Hungary
    Budapest, Heroes Square
  • 09.07.2000 Sweden
    Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen Festival
  • 14.07.2000 Switzerland
    Bern, Gurtenfestival
  • 15.07.2000 Poland
    Gliwice, Szymanow Airfield
  • 21.07.2000 Spain
    Llanera, Dr. Music festival
    * PSB concert