Alternative - cover


b-sides album
release date: 7 August 1995
chart: UK #2, US #103

Alternative is a 2-disc set, consisting of 30 B-sides in chronological order. The title Alternative was a last minute change from the title that had been long saved for such an album, Besides. That title would have perhaps been more fitting with the names of Pet Shop Boys' earlier albums, a few others of which are named with a single adverb (Please, Actually, and Very).
Alternative only really gained popularity among devoted fans of Pet Shop Boys with the exception of the UK where it entered the charts at #2. Although most of the album is previously unreleased on CD, much of the music is from earlier in Pet Shop Boys' career, and the album did not sound "new" enough to generate much interest from music listeners who were not already familiar with the music. A remake of the original 7-inch Paninaro entitled Paninaro '95 was released as a single in order to promote the 2-disc compilation.
The cover of Alternative features photographs of Neil and Chris in fencing masks. The first copies of the CD have a hologram on the cover which shifts between the two photographs.

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    CD 1
  1. In The Night
  2. A Man Could Get Arrested
    (12" Mix)
  3. That's My Impression
    (Disco Mix)
  4. Was That What It Was?
  5. Paninaro
  6. Jack The Lad
  7. You Know Where You Went Wrong
  8. A New Life
  9. I Want A Dog
  10. Do I Have To?
  11. I Get Excited (You Get Excited To)
  12. Don Juan
  13. The Sound Of The Atom Spliting
    (Extended Version)
  14. One Of The Crowd
  15. Your Funny Uncle
    CD 2
  1. It Must Be Obvious
  2. We All Feel Better In The Dark
  3. Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
  4. Losing My Mind
  5. Music For Boys
  6. Miserablism
  7. Hey, Headmaster
  8. What Keeps Mankind Alive?
  9. Shameless
  10. Too Many People
  11. Violence
    (Hašienda Version)
  12. Decadence
  13. If Love Were All
  14. Euroboy
  15. Some Speculation

3xLP: 1995 UK
(Parlophone;PCSD 166)[ps+book] 2xCD: 1995 UK
(Parlophone;CDPCSD 166)[ps+book] 2xCS: 1995 UK
(Parlophone;TCPCSD 166)[ps+book] 2xCD: 1995 UK
(Parlophone;CDPCSDS 166) 2xCS: 1995 UK
(Parlophone;TCPCSDS 166) 2xCS: 1995 UK
(Parlophone;n/a) [promo] 2xCS: 1995 NL
(Parlophone;7243-834353-4 0) 2xCD: 1995 NL
(Parlophone;834023-2 8)[ps+book] 2xCD: 1995 NL
(Parlophone;7243-834353-2 6) 3xLP: 1995 US
(EMI;34023-1)[$32.98] 2xCD: 1995 US
(EMI;E2-34023)[+stickered promo] 2xCS: 1995 US
(EMI;34023-4)[cancelled?] 2xCD: 1995 US
(EMI;E2-34353)[x20000,ps+book] 2xCD: 1995 US
(EMI;D 202010)[promo;BMG] 2xCS: 1995 US
(EMI;??)[advance promo] 2xCD: 1995 CA
(EMI;7243-834353-2 6) 2xCD: 1995 IT
(EMI;834023 2)[ltd] 2xCD: 1995 JP
(EMI/Toshiba;TOCP-8605/6)[promo] 2xCD: 1995 JP
(EMI/Toshiba;TOCP-8605/6)[OBI] CD5: 1995 DE
(EMI;P-519 487)[sampler]