Disco - cover


remix compilation album
release date: 17. November 1986
chart: UK #15, US #95

Disco was not really an original studio album, but rather an album length collection of remixes of songs from their first album, Please, and B-sides. Many fans of 1980s synthpop see the mixes on this album as some of the best examples of the extended dance mix and this album includes remixes by Arthur Baker, Shep Pettibone and Pet Shop Boys themselves. Despite the title, it would be a stretch to call the music on this album disco; although these versions of the songs are certainly more danceable, the disco influence is indirect, or even difficult to detect.
It is difficult to say where Pet Shop Boys saw this album fitting in among their other albums when they released it. When, in 2001, they rereleased what they deemed their first six albums, this one got left out, confirming perhaps what many fans had already suspected, that the group did not consider this album on the same level as the others. In addition, Pet Shop Boys would later release Disco 2 and Disco 3, also albums of remixes, although they differ greatly from the original album: Disco 2 is a continuous megamix of dance remixes and Disco 3 is a mixture of remixes and new songs.
The sleeve cover was a clip from the promo video to "Paninaro" directed by the Pet Shop Boys themselves.

In the Night Arthur Baker
Surburbia produced and mixed by Julian Mendelssohn
Opportunities Ron Dean Miller and the Latin Rascals
Paninaro Pet Shop Boys and David Jacob
Love Comes Quickly Shep Pettibone for Mastermix Production
West End Girls Shep Pettibone for Mastermix Production

  1. In The Night
    (Extended Mix)*
  2. Suburbia
    (The Full Horror)
  3. Opportunities
    (Version Latina)
  4. Paninaro
    (Italian Remix)*
  5. Love Comes Quickly
    (Shep Pettibone Mastermix)
  6. West End Girls
    (Disco Mix)
* single release

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(Abbey Road Studios; n/a) [promo]
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