Disco 3:

Disco 3 - cover


remix compilation album
release date: 4 February 2003
chart: UK #36, US #188

Disco 3 is the thirteenth album by the Pet Shop Boys. It was released in 2003. It consists of five remixes of songs and B-sides from their previous album, Release, three new tracks, a new recording of "Positive role model" from their 2001 musical Closer to Heaven, and a cover version of "Try it (I'm in love with a married man)", originally by Oh Romeo, band of former Pet Shop Boys producer Bobby Orlando. "If looks could kill" and "Try it..." debuted during a 2002 Peel Session, along with "A powerful friend", a song that remains unreleased.[1] Despite charting relatively low on UK and US charts, the album was more successful than Disco 2, and was likely an attempt to recreate the success of the original Disco.

Pete Gleadall
Programming on tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7 & 9
Chris Zippel
Programming on tracks 2 & 5. Additional keyboards on track 2
Felix Da Housecat
Remix and additional production on trck 4
Christian Hayes & Mark Refoy
Guitar on track 7
Tom stephan
Remix and additional production on trck 8
Piet Blank, Jaspa Jones & Andy Kaufold
Remix and additional production on trck 9
Robert Matt
Steinway piano on track 10

  1. Time on my hands
  2. Postive role model
  3. Try it (I'm in love with a married man)
  4. London
    (Thee Radikal Blaklite Edit)
  5. Somebody else's business
  6. Here
    (PSB new extended mix)
  7. If looks could kill
  8. Sexy Northerner
    (Superchumbo mix)
  9. Home and dry
    (Blank and Jones mix)
  10. London
    (Genuine Piano mix)
3x12": 2003 UK
London (thee radical blacklite remix)
London (thee radical dub)
London (westbam in berlin remix)
Time On My Hands
Sexy Northerner (superchumbo remix)
Home And Dry (blank & jones remix)
Here (psb new extended mix)
Here (psb new extended dub)
Try it (I'm In Love With A Married Man)
If Looks Could Kill
Positive Role Model
Somebody Else's Business (extended mix)

CD-R: 2003 UK
(Parlophone; ??) [promo] CD-R: 2003 FR
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(Parlophone;5-81458-23)[cc] CD: 2003 US
(Sanctuary/BMG;0607-6-84595-2) CD: 2003 CA
(EMI;E21M-81458) CD-R: 2002 AU
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(Parlophone/Gala Rec.;5-81458-47)