PopArt (The Hits):

PopArt - cover


compilation album
release date: 24 November 2003
chart: UK #30, US #-

Audio remastered by Tim Young at Metropolis.

PopArt is a compilation of Pet Shop Boys' top-20 UK singles along with two new tracks, "Miracles" and "Flamboyant" which have subsequently also been singles.
Contrary to most "best of" compilations (including the earlier Discography), the tracks on the CDs are not arranged chronologically, but split into two categories. Neil and Chris split the tracks into ones they thought were pure pop music ("Pop") and the ones that they thought were more creative/experimental ("Art").
After three years of its release in the rest of the world, PopArt was finally released in the USA in October 2006. The delay was due to legal problems caused by the fact that since Pet Shop Boys began, they have been with four different record labels in the USA: EMI (1985-1995), Atlantic (1996-1998), Sire (1999-2001) and Sanctuary (2002-2003).

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  1. Go West
  2. Suburbia
    (Video edit)
  3. Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)
  4. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
  5. Always On My Mind
  6. I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
    (7" PSB Remastered)
  7. Home And Dry
  8. Heart
  9. Miracles*
  10. Love Comes Quickly
  11. It's A Sin
  12. Domino Dancing
  13. Before
  14. New York City Boy
    (US Radio re-edit)
  15. It's Alright
  16. Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)
  17. A Red Letter Day
  1. Left To My Own Devices
  2. I Don't Know What You Want...
  3. Flamboyant*
  4. Being Boring
  5. Can You Forgive Her?
  6. West End Girls
  7. I Get Along
  8. So Hard
  9. Rent
  10. Jealousy
  11. DJ Culture
  12. You Only Tell Me You Love Me...
  13. Liberation
  14. Paninaro '95
  15. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
  16. Yesterday, When I Was Mad
  17. Single-Bilingual
  18. Somewhere
    Mix (limited edition CD)
  1. Can You Forgive Her?
    (rollo mix)
  2. So Hard
    (red zone mix)
  3. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
    (disco mix)
  4. West End Girls
    (sasha mix)
  5. Miserablism
    (electro mix)
  6. Before
    (classic paradise mix)
  7. I Don't Know What You Want...
    (peter rauhoffer new york mix)
  8. New York City Boy
    (the lange mix)
  9. Young Offender
    (jam & spoon trip-o-matic fairy tale mix)
  10. Love Comes Quickly 2003
    (full version-early fade)
* single release

3xLP: 2003 FR
(Parlophone;724359388410)[UK;NYCB] 3xLP: 2003 FR
(Parlophone;724359573410)[EU;NYCB] 3xLP: 2003 FR
(Parlophone;724359573410)[EU;PCB] 2xCD: 2003 NL
(Parlophone;POPART01) [promo] 2xCD: 2003 NL
(Parlophone;724359388427)[UK vers] 2xCD: 2003 NL
(Parlophone;724359483726)[cc] 2xCD: 2003 NL
(Parl.;724359555225)[cc;french] 2xCD: 2003 AR
(EMI;7243-5-94837-2 6)[promo;cc] 2xCD: 2003 AR
(EMI;7243-5-94837-2 6)[cc;19 Nov] 2xCD: 2003 AR
(EMI;7243-5-94837-2 6)[cc;19 Nov] 2xCD: 2003 TW
(EMI;7243-5-94837-2 6)[cc;OBI] 2xCD: 2003 JP
(EMI/Toshiba; TOCP-66250)[cc;OBI] 2xCD: 2003 TH
(EMI;724359483726)[w/red;sticker] 2xCD: 2003 SK
(EMI;EKPD-1085)[2 promo cards] 2xCS: 2003 RU
(Parl./Gala Records;724359388441) 2xCS: 2003 UA
(COMP Music/EMI;96849-49/96850-45) 2xCD: 2003 UA
(COMP Music/EMI;94838-21/94839-24) 3xCD: 2003 NL
(Parl.;724359509327)[led;NYCB] 3xCD: 2003 NL
(Parl.;724359567822)[led;NYCB;cc] 3xCD: 2003 NL
(Parl.;724359577524)[led;PCB;cc] 3xCD: 2003 JP
(EMI/Toshiba;TOCP66252)[19Nov;OBI] 2xCS: 2003 JP