Super - cover


studio album
release date:April 1st, 2013
chart: UK #

Pet Shop Boys will release their brand new studio album, 'Super', on April 1st. Produced and mixed by Stuart Price in Los Angeles, it features 12 new Tennant/Lowe compositions including the lead single, 'The Pop Kids’. 'Super' can be pre-ordered now from iTunes with the track ‘Inner Sanctum’ available as an immediate download. CD and vinyl formats are also available to pre-order.

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    1. Happiness
    2. The Pop Kids
    3. Twenty-something
    4. Groovy
    5. The dictator decides
    6. Pazzo!
    7. Inner sanctum
    8. Undertow
    9. Sad robot world
    10. Say it to me
    11. Burn
    12. Into thin air

    DL: 2016 UK
    (x2; n/a) [i-tunes]
    CD: 2016 UK
    (X2 Recordings Ltd.;X20008CD1)
    LP: 2016 UK
    (X2 Recordings Ltd.;X20008VL1)