Closer To Heaven - cast album:
  1. My Night (Frances Barber)
  2. Something Special (Paul Keating)
  3. Closer To Heaven (Paul Keating and Stacey Roca)
  4. In Denial (Stacey Roca and David Burt
  5. Call Me Old-Fashioned (Paul Broughton)
  6. Nine Out Of Ten (Paul Keating and Stacey Roca)
  7. Caligula (Frances Barber)
  8. Hedonism (Instrumental)
  9. Friendly Fire (Frances Barber)
  10. Shameless (Paul Broughton)
  11. Vampires (David Burt)
  12. Closer To Heaven (Paul Keating and Tom Walker)
  13. Out Of My System (Stacey Roca)
  14. K-Hole (Instrumental) Frances Barber)
  15. For All Of Us (Paul Keating)
  16. Positive Role Model (Paul Keating)
CD: 2001 UK (Sony Music; XPCD1392) [promo; 10 Sep 2001; dual sleeve]
CS: 2001 UK (Sony Music; 504 516 4)
CD: 2001 UK (Sony Music; 504 516 2)
CD: 2001 CA (Columbia Records; CK 91575)
CD: 2001 BR (Epic; 2-504516)

Produced by Pet Shop Boys and Stephen Hague.
Closer To Heaven - promotion single:
  1. Closer To Heaven (slow version)
  2. Friendly Fire (studio version)
  3. Shameless [from Alternative]
  4. Closer To Heaven [from Nightlife]
CD5: 2001 UK (EMI; CTH 1)

Available with the Daily Telegraph voucher on 12 May 2001.
Five titles from Closer To Heaven promo:
  1. Positive Role Model (studio version)
  2. Friendly Fire (new version)
  3. Shameless [Alternative version]
  4. K-Hole (demo version)
  5. For All Of Us (studio version)
CD-R: 2001 UK (PSBP/RUG/10th Planet; ??)

These CD-Rs were produced for the UK press and theatre critics. Features three unreleased studio tracks from the musical ‘Closer To Heaven’ as performed by Pet Shop Boys.
Closer To Heaven - 19 track promo:
  1. For Your Own Good
  2. Something Special (demo)
  3. A Little Black Dress (demo)
  4. In Denial
  5. Shameless
  6. Nine Out Of Ten (demo)
  7. Call Me Old Fashioned (demo)
  8. This Is Just My Little Tribute To Caligula, Darling (demo)
  9. Hedonism (studio version)
  10. Friendly Fire (new version)
  11. In Denial Part 2 (demo)
  12. Tall Thin Men (studio version)
  13. Vampires
  14. The Only One
  15. Out Of My System (demo)
  16. K-hole (extended demo)
  17. For All Of Us (studio version)
  18. Closer To Heaven
  19. Positive Role Model (demo)
CD-R: 2000 UK (RUG/10th Planet; ??)

Several copies of these CD-Rs were prepared for the actors in the musical so they could hear the musical tracks.